Internships and graduation projects

We regularly offer internships and graduation projects. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience, but perhaps even more we want to learn from you! During your internship you will be encouraged to share your ideas, insights and knowledge with us. That’s how we innovate together.

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Expert sessions

Thanks to all our internal and external professionals and their varied backgrounds, we have a lot of specialised knowledge in the organisation. We regularly share this knowledge at open Expert sessions. All employees can attend the sessions or share their own knowledge with others. It’s a great learning experience, and it’s fun too!

E-learning and professional training

All our staff can make unlimited use of over 100 online training courses. The courses are very varied. For example, you can learn how to hold professional conversations, how to interpret legislation correctly or discover what you really enjoy.
We are always interested in acquiring new knowledge. So we encourage employees who want to follow professional training, or a course or study. If the knowledge contributes to our goals, you will be given all the room you need to get your extra certificates!

Educatie4all (Education4all)

Family is important. As part of our focus on development we also want to give the children of our employees lots of opportunity. Our Educatie4all (Education4all) foundation provides a study grant for their mbo, hbo or university education! This means we are constantly investing in the development of our employees’ children.

Chances to grow

Are you interested in how you can continue to grow? Our job classification system shows you the opportunities and how you can get there. Your supervisor and/or HR contact will be happy to help you with that. Together you can draw up a clear plan for your development.

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