Trust your assets again

Under the motto ‘We will digitize everything that can be digitized’, we build a detailed database of your objects with exact BIM-3D copies. We collect all your assets and their parameters in our Telecom Information Modeling Portal. Maintenance plans and catalogs can be linked to this online database. This way you and we can view and manage your assets in real-time. Transparent and effective, resulting in lower OPEX.

International team

The team at Allinq Insite has international expertise and works with IT specialists, engineers and architects. We take care of the process from beginning to end and answer questions like: what is the effect of the shadow of a new mast on the return of the solar panels on the building next door? Would you like to find out more? Please contact us!


Leander Goor

Manager Allinq Insite

+316-101 90 369