The history of Allinq goes back to 1962. Back in those days, two men from Harderwijk saw PTT – the Dutch national telecom company – working long and hard on the infrastructure of the reclaimed land in the Noordoostpolder. Equipped with an excavator and assisted by a few strong helpers, they approached PTT and offered their help with this huge job. That was the start of our company called Aannemingsbedrijf A. Schuuring (A. Schuuring construction company).

Currently, our name is the Allinq Group and we have almost 60 years of experience. We have held on to our hands-on mentality. With our pragmatic approach, we deliver consistent performance day in and day out. For our clients, the owners of information infrastructures. And of course for their clients: consumers. Our history remains the foundation for our ongoing growth and development, and with good reason.