Smart specification for Stedin

Network operator Stedin provides energy for 2.2 million customers The company is facing a huge challenge: preparing their network for the national energy transition. Stedin asked Allinq to help connect the Stedin stations both smoothly and...

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Smart design to allow glass fibre in remote areas

The organisation Glasvezel buitenaf (“remote glass fibre”) ensures that people living in remote areas can enjoy glass fibre speeds. Using smart design and planning, we are helping Glasvezel buitenaf to meet their mission despite long, expensive...

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Dedicated attention in the installation of 40,000 glass fibre connections

Allinq pro-actively contributes ideas during the implementation. To do that properly takes dedicated attention. When a large client in the telecom industry asked us to help them meet their glass fibre goals, we started a new department that...

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With monitoring focus on core business

Years of operational experience in-house makes us able to monitor all our clients’ national and international objects. Our client can focus more on their core business and we can focus on ours: keeping networks operational. Available 24/7 We...

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Continuity during power cuts

When everything goes wrong, that’s when you need to be able to rely on a network. The specialists in our System-related Power Supply team (SEV in Dutch) are skilled and experienced in installing, managing and maintaining emergency power supply....

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Orion: large-scale migration for KPN

Now that technology is becoming more and more compact, network owners can reduce the size of their premises. In the Orion project, KPN is currently migrating large technical areas to new more efficient sites. Allinq is helping with the...

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