Dedicated attention in the installation of 40,000 glass fibre connections

Allinq pro-actively contributes ideas during the implementation. To do that properly takes dedicated attention. When a large client in the telecom industry asked us to help them meet their glass fibre goals, we started a new department that focuses entirely on connecting 40,000 glass fibre connections north of Harderwijk.

Hard work with ownership

The department was operational as of 1 September 2018. The department was scaled up intelligently to about 30 professionals, divided into a number of independent teams. In the space of one year, they achieved over half of the required glass fibre connections. An amazing achievement.
André Jagt, director of the new Allinq department: “We don’t stick to the letter of the contract. We look beyond that, at the client’s ambition. We know the client’s business case and continually provide ideas about ways to make a positive contribution. In the meantime, we remain realistic and we never promise things we cannot deliver. In this way we offer the reliability and predictability that our clients are looking for.”
To do that properly, André gives his teams a lot of responsibility: “Ownership brings out the best in people. Led by an experienced manager who provides room for individual approaches, the small teams work on the success of their own business and take that extra step. Thanks to good communication between the team leaders, they learn from each other’s successes and improve a little every day.”

We know the client’s business case and continually share ideas about ways to make a positive contribution."

André Jagt, director FttH, Allinq

Smart work for extra metres

In order to contribute actively to our clients’ ambitions, Allinq staff monitor if their activities and procedures can be carried out better or faster.

One example is the high-rise plug that was recently developed at Allinq Labs. Homes are connected by drilling a small hole in the facade through which the glass fibre is fed into the building.

This is not a large job, unless the home is on a higher floor. In that case, an employee stands on a hydraulic platform outside to drill the hole and feed in the glass fibre. A second employee is inside the customer’s home to take the glass fibre and connect it to the FTU. The work is done from low to high. Any residents who are not at home block the process and the hydraulic platform and the two employees have to come back at a later date.

Thanks to the high-rise plug, preparations can be made in the facade in one go, and the engineer can come back later and visit the homes to locate the cables, bring them inside and connect them to the FTU. This prevents standstill and the platform and the second engineer do not need to come back to connect the glass fibre. This smart innovation helps our clients get work done! In this way, we are continuously going the extra mile for our clients.

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