Allinq Labs

Allinq Labs is the place where new innovations for telecom infrastructure are developed.

This is where a multidisciplinary team translates future trends to today’s applications. Using experimentation and prototyping, we create added value for our services. We often work with students, partners and clients.

For example we are doing experiments with networks above and below the ground, structures, applications, techniques and technology. In addition to physical test facilities, we also use Virtual and Augmented Reality. Would you like to find out more? Please contact us!


Rutger van der Graaff

Manager Innovation & Development

+316-511 519 44

Where to find Allinq Labs

Bouw & Infra Park Harderwijk
Building 10
Ceintuurbaan 2
3847 LG Harderwijk, The Netherlands

New: digital twin

We are proud of our latest project: the foundation of a digital twin. Our ultimate goal is a digital twin for all data centres, street cabinets, transmitters and other assets. This will allow us to see the exact status of the components and the current conditions.

At the moment we can see that the temperature is increasing in a data centre, for example, but we can’t tell why. In the future we want engineers to be able to see the digital twin on screen and see that a door is open and that the cooling system is not broken. That will make our work more efficient.

Agile innovation: Allinq Innovation Ecosystem

The telecom industry is in a constant state of change. As a result it’s impossible to predict staff resource planning. We are studying ways to respond flexibly to this situation. We are looking at the bigger picture: from drone inspections and smarter digging to digital twins and AR glasses for engineers.


Students keep us on our toes

At Allinq Labs we employ a range of professional specialists. In addition, we also employ students from colleges and universities. This exchange is a source of inspiration, says Rutger van der Graaff, Manager Innovation & Development at Allinq. “Students provide us with a new, fresh pair of eyes. Things that seem logical to us, aren’t always logical for students.”

Read about Jalbert and Jitske’s experiences!

Proof of Concept AR glasses

In addition, at Allinq we also enjoy collaborating with our partners. One of our partners is IFS, with whom we have developed a concept for the application of AR glasses.

We can use this concept to support engineers in their tasks. This means a more flexible use of staff in the future. We are still in the very early stages of this development, but the engineers involved in the project can’t wait to get started

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