The Allinq Group

At Allinq, we believe in intensive collaboration between specialists. So that is precisely how our group of companies is organised. The Allinq Group consists of several companies both inside and outside the Netherlands. Each company specialises in its own service, target audience, region, but above all client.

We encourage collaboration between all companies within the Allinq Group, so that we can use each other’s expertise, experience and ideas in order to develop together. That is the strength of the Allinq Group.

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What we stand for

At Allinq, we believe in delivering good work. Our ultimate goal is continuity. That’s why we always work on our long-term relationships with our partners. And why we keep developing smart solutions to improve ourselves and our partners. Now, tomorrow and beyond!


Long history

The history of Allinq goes back to 1962. Back in those days, two men from Harderwijk saw PTT – the Dutch national telecom company – working long and hard on the infrastructure of the reclaimed land in the Noordoostpolder. Equipped with an excavator and assisted by a few strong helpers, they approached PTT and offered their help with this huge job. That was the start of our company called Aannemingsbedrijf A. Schuuring (A. Schuuring construction company).


Sustainable business

Allinq operates with a forward-looking perspective. And this can only be achieved by maintaining sustainable living conditions. That is also why we aim to find a different way to contribute to the people, environment and world around us. That approach fits us like a glove. Not because it is required but because we are intrinsically motivated.