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Towards stronger business cases with smart asset management from Allinq

21 June 2023

Asset management and data. Everyone agrees on the potential of that combination. At Allinq we are convinced that we can get more out of this...

Get the most out of your ticket data with labelling

20 June 2023

Do you often have to deal with error messages and malfunctions? Analysing all these tickets involves huge amounts of extra work. But that data...

Reduce operational costs through preventive maintenance

13 June 2023

From a traditional executive organization to a data-driven organization based on output, with as many automated processes as possible. That is...

Being in control through smart digital surveying

23 May 2023

Laying fiber optic cables underground is precision work. Allinq introduces a solution that accurately records where and at what depth pipes...

Allinq also connects in the virtual world

18 May 2023

Allinq Labs let the visitors of the FttH conference in Vienna at the end of May 2022 step into a virtual world with VR glasses. There, the...

Allinq Vision #40 – April 2023

11 April 2023

The latest issue of our corporate magazine is out. Read how Erik Dekker professionalises the Allinq Continental Cycling team, how you can be...

3D modeling provides every project at Schiphol Airport with a flying start

2 March 2023

When all information is available from the start of a project, risks are limited and costs are saved. If this information is subsequently kept...

Collaboration between Allinq and Glaspoort makes industrial estates and new-build homes ready for the future

2 February 2023

Allinq and Glaspoort are intensifying their colloboration in the roll-out of fiber in the Netherlands and are joining forces as strategic...

Recap 2022

29 December 2022

2023 is just around the corner. Like many, we look back on last year. A year in which we were allowed to do great projects and put the...

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