Part of the network of the future

“If you are a pro-active planner with technical insight, this is a great opportunity to grow! Come and visit us in Harderwijk; see for yourself what it’s like at Allinq!” This is Jan’s advice to anyone thinking about becoming a fibre engineer at Allinq. He started in his position in 2019. He says: “I am still in the middle of my learning process, but I really enjoy designing networks!” As a fibre engineer, it’s extremely cool to be part of the network of the future!”

Personal development at Allinq

After his vocational education in Construction, Jan was trained at Allinq as an in-home engineer and he started working for KPN. During quiet periods he was then involved in another project and got to know the role of fibre engineer. Jan: “It appealed to me so much that I am currently in training to become a fibre engineer myself. And in the meantime I am busy working.”

At Allinq, ambition is really recognised. I am still in the middle of my learning process, but I really enjoy designing networks!"

Jan van Esch, fibre engineer at Allinq

Tackling and improving things together

Jan works in a team of six engineers. Jan: “There is a great atmosphere at Allinq and a real hands-on mentality. It’s the same in our team. If someone needs help or runs into a difficult issue, then we all help find the solution. As an engineer, I remain responsible for my own project. That makes my work more enjoyable. It’s up to me to decide which steps to take and then implement them.”

Allinq encourages all its employees to keep looking for improvement at every step. Jan: “If I see a chance to improve or simplify our process, whether it’s a small change to an Excel form or providing insight into our entire operational process, I will do something about it. We have that room to make changes and that makes our work more interesting.”