Getting more out of Big Data

“I did the graduation internship for my Business Analytics & Management course at Allinq, as a data analyst for the fiber optic network in Germany. A lot of data is stored, but little is done with it. While you can get so much out of it, for example to be able to predict when street cabinets will fail or the quality of a network will decrease. This way you can optimize business processes, make them more effective and efficient.

As an intern, I was immediately involved in all kinds of processes. I was allowed to watch projects, say what I thought of them and how I see things. I was heard and immediately given responsibility. I think that’s really cool. I also notice that I can learn a lot from people within the company, there is just a very good click. That is why I am so happy that after my internship at Allinq I could start working as a data scientist.”

I was really heard at Allinq and my opinion valued. I think that's cool."

Joanna Tromm, data scientist Smart Asset Management at Allinq

Designing tomorrow’s systems

“As part of my Electrotechnology course at Windesheim college I took a minor in embedded & wireless systems because I am very interested in embedded systems. They are everywhere; just think of your telephone. So I started working with digital signal processing, wireless sensor networks, high frequency systems and modelling real-time software systems. In short: designing tomorrow’s systems.

Therefore I really wanted to do an internship at Allinq to be able to work with embedded systems in practice.”

After graduating I could join Allinq as an R&D engineer. Now I work at Allinq Labs and work on various projects related to data science, IoT and automation."

Jalbert Landwaart, R&D engineer at Allinq Labs

Improvements based on insight

As a PDEng candidate Jitske researched ways to install ‘Fiber to the Home’ faster, better, cheaper or more efficiently. Her approach: first obtain insight into the current situation, then experiment with process improvements. The research was part of her post-master design education in Civil Engineering at the faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente.

“I worked with the most ‘down to earth’ Allinq team: the constructors in the SCT department. That put a smile on my face! The one day I had meetings with management and the other I stood at the side of the gutter with a stopwatch and a fancy yellow vest. Not for clocking how hard people are working or comparing people to one another, but trying to get insight into the normal process. That insight into the current approach, sore points and successes is the first step towards improvement.”

It surprised me how open they are at Allinq! The team was nice, helpful and shared their ideas."

Jitske Posthumus, projectleader Innovation and Development

Approved training company

Allinq is also a recognized training company. This means that we meet all conditions to offer you as a student a good and safe workplace, where you gain experience with our work processes and activities that belong to the profession of your choice of study. During your internship you will be supervised on the work floor by a practical supervisor.

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