A day in the life of an engineer

“When I get to work, I have a cup of tea, check the status of my projects and plan my day. As soon as everyone gets to the office, we start our day by going through current projects with all the fibre engineers and if necessary, modifying the work allocation. Then I get to work. For example, applying for building licences, making technical drawings and implementation files, making requests to the land registry, or approaching the owners of land for permission to work on their land. In between, I consult a lot with colleagues, the client, and the partners and organisations that we work with. It’s really very varied.”

Room to make a difference

“I first came in touch with Allinq through a temp agency for the position in the administrative department. I was hired and was soon given a permanent contract. Part of my task in the administration was to support fibre engineers. I found the work that I saw very interesting, and thanks to my curiosity I soon worked out how to read technical drawings. I then told my project leader that I wanted to work towards the position of engineer, and he immediately gave me the opportunity to do the necessary training courses.”

Mandy followed training courses, shadowed in various processes, followed training for working with the various systems and was supervised by colleagues in her new role.

Mandy is enthusiastic about the room that Allinq offered her to grow and to improve not only herself, but also the processes. Mandy: “That is actually an important part of my job. We are encouraged to always be thinking about ways to do things better, faster, cheaper and more easily. And we are expected to find our own solutions for the challenges we come across at work. That’s a lot of responsibility and you can be very creative in your work. For each assignment, I decide how to go about doing it as thoroughly and as quickly as possible, at a low cost, while still maintaining the quality required. Every day I try out something new. It’s a great feeling when an assignment goes just that little bit better thanks to your contribution.”

Allinq has helped me in many ways to get to where I am now. And I still try to challenge myself to learn new things."

Mandy Beerschoten-van Kal, fibre engineer Allinq

Personal development at Allinq

Mandy is eager to learn and full of energy to grow. “If you are ambitious, Allinq offers you lots of opportunities. In addition to professional training, you can expand your knowledge by following e-learnings and there are lots of opportunities for personal development. I myself definitely want to make a few more steps. For example, I really enjoy helping new colleagues, but I’m also interested in project management. I would like to become a project leader or team manager some day, but in the meantime I still really enjoy the work I do!”