Three to four weeks faster delivery thanks to smart app

6 January 2020

At Allinq we encourage all our employees to try something new on a regular basis. And with good reason. The pro-active attitude of our staff has now resulted in a faster delivery to VodafoneZiggo customers – between three to four weeks faster! Digital improvement delivers a return.

In addition to accelerating results, automation also reduces the chance of errors and removes the less appealing administrative burden. Everyone is happy!"

Wais Pirzad, business analyst at Allinq

From four weeks to two days

Business analyst Wais Pirzad uses process measurement to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. He says: “This was not our own process, but the process at VodafoneZiggo. After completing the engineering work on site, their glass fibre engineer completed a form on paper. As soon as he had a chance, he had to log in to upload all the forms together with a photo. An Allinq employee then received a message that the delivery needed to be verified. If the information was correct and complete, it was sent to VodafoneZiggo for the final delivery. This process could take up to four weeks.”

Wais and his colleagues had all the skills required to automate processes themselves. Together with VodafoneZiggo the team developed the Quick Install app. Wais: “On site, the glass fibre engineer enters the locations, times and activities directly into the app. As soon as all the tasks in the package have been completed, a message accompanied by a photo is sent to the Allinq project leader for technical administrative delivery. In the meantime, VodafoneZiggo is informed that the delivery is imminent, so that it can be achieved within two working days.”