Allinq fully responsible for passive telecom infrastructure at Schiphol

11 November 2020

At the end of 2019, Allinq signed the contract for the management of the entire passive infrastructure of the Amsterdam airport. In a well thought-out phased process, the service package was transferred step by step from Schiphol Telematics to Allinq Advanced Solutions. After half a year of participating (phase 1) and imitating (phase 2), the newly composed team entered the final phase full of enthusiasm on the 1st of August: doing it on our own. Under the leadership of director Sicco Dijkstra, we are now fully responsible for the passive telecom infrastructure at Schiphol.

Intensive cooperation

To make the transition run smoothly, the new Allinq Advanced Solutions team has worked intensively with the Amsterdam customer and its partners over the past seven months. Setting up the organisation, recruiting and training the right colleagues, concluding agreements with partners, setting up the local warehouse, developing processes and procedures, transferring projects and especially testing, testing and further testing . Sicco: “Certainly in a time when normal is no longer normal and everything has to be done remotely, it is an achievement that we are particularly proud of.”

The best digital airport in the world

After a period of intensive preparation, Schiphol’s final agreement was reached this summer to pull the lever. Sicco: “Not everything has been fully completed yet and given the the dynamic environment, there will probably still be issues that need to be adjusted, but we are completely ready for it. There is nothing this well-functioning team cannot handle together. We are very excited to help Schiphol in its ambition to become the best digital airport in the world!”

Combination of expertise

The way in which Allinq expertise at the airport is combined with Schiphol’s existing expertise is very unique. Sicco: “In my view, that is the core for the success here in Amsterdam. Our team is a wonderful mix of Allinq employees, former Schiphol Telematics employees and external parties. By being open to each other, we strengthen each other and create a solid basis for development and growth.”