That’s where the magic happens!

23 February 2022

Bring people with different expertise and insights together, stimulate them with a tough challenge, and give them the freedom to come up with new solutions together: that’s where the magic happens! In one week, two teams of Windesheim students each presented us with a unique way to move the heavy FttH equipment in street cabinets without downtime. An exercise that provided them ánd us with great insights!

The Business Project Week at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Every year Windesheim University of Applied Sciences organizes competitive collaboration projects between students and the business community. The Covid edition became one that mainly took place online under the name ‘Bedrijfsproject Week Draait Door’ (in English: The Business Project Week Continues). The students visited Allinq Labs to get a good impression of the assignment.


The challenge

The exciting assignment for the students was devised in Allinq Labs: discover a more efficient way to move the heavy FttH equipment in (street) cabinets from top to bottom. The space is limited, the equipment is too heavy to lift in its entirety, and – a tiny detail – all connections must continue to function during the move. We’ll see you in a week with the solution. Good luck!


The approach

Two teams of mechanical engineers, industrial product designers, technical business engineers and electrical engineers were formed. They got to know each other and started working together online; each with their own expertise. Jan Peter van den Bos – Development Engineer at Allinq – explained: “We were in regular contact with the students. During the first consultations, we could see on their faces that our challenge was not an easy task, both on a technical and human level. But that didn’t last for long. Leadership was taken, tasks were divided, and many questions were asked. A few representatives from both groups came to Allinq Labs to see the challenge in real life. In addition, one of the groups has contacted one of the technicians who will actually have to move the equipment. Of course, you will earn bonus points with that!”

The solution

At the end of the week, two completely different solutions were presented. The first was a well-thought-out two-part concept that can be implemented using existing materials and tools. The second concept was more difficult to implement due to considerable construction work but was so innovative that Jan Peter and his colleagues were amazed, and the jury was wildly enthusiastic. Of all the Windesheim teams, the first Allinq team achieved a wonderful fourth place. The team with the unconventional solution even came first! Jan Peter: “This again proves that innovation mainly takes place when people with different backgrounds and insights work well together. Magnificent! Are we going to apply the concepts? One thing is for sure: the ideas have inspired us a lot, so who knows, maybe we’ll see parts of them in the work field soon!”