Continuity during power cuts

When everything goes wrong, that’s when you need to be able to rely on a network. The specialists in our System-related Power Supply team (SEV in Dutch) are skilled and experienced in installing, managing and maintaining emergency power supply. Things can still go wrong. A disruption of only two seconds at the outlet of a diesel no-break system caused an interruption on a large client’s network. Of course we try to prevent this with good maintenance and management, but if things do go wrong, we work with our client to turn the problem into an opportunity for improvement.

Immediate action

A no-break system makes sure that a network switches to the emergency power supply if the primary power supply fails.

In Amsterdam, the system initially consisted of an older diesel no-break system, which was the single source of power for the services. When a problem occurred in this system, there was an interruption of two seconds on the services.

Allinq employees were on site so they were able to resolve the problem quickly. The team then quickly built three temporary static no-break systems that provided an extra no-break supply for the services. Thanks to this separate supply, faults in a no-break system have no impact on the services.

Smart collaboration

At the same time, another Allinq team was working at the same site on the installation of a new data room to take over from a data centre elsewhere in Amsterdam.

To combine extra reliability with more efficiency, the two Allinq teams put their heads together. The installation of the no-break facilities in the new room immediately proved to be the solution for the ultimate reliable situation of existing services.

So they decided to supply power to the new services from two separate diesel no-break systems and to supply power to the old single services from the new static UPS no-break system from the power supply building.

The site was fitted with a simple system that contributes to the reliability and availability of the network. This not only gives our client more reliability, it also saves annually on the revision costs of the old diesel no-break systems.

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