Telecom Information Modeling

When fitting or modifying a location, the Allinq Insite team can quickly provide insight into where a construction needs to be reinforced or where planned equipment cannot be placed without modifications.

All the elements present, like antennas, systems and fixing materials are digitalised using the BIM principle.

In this way we make asset management data-driven and with accuracy to the millimetre. All the insight is easy to use in the Telecom Information Modeling Portal (TIM) developed by Allinq.

International team

The team at Allinq Insite has international expertise and works with IT specialists, engineers and architects. We take care of the process from beginning to end and answer questions like: what is the effect of the shadow of a new mast on the return of the solar panels on the building next door? Would you like to find out more? Please contact us!


Leander Goor

Manager Allinq Insite

+316-101 90 369